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Katie Deierlein

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inspired by




(about 9ft in length)

--image including random electronics

this net would instead be filled with computer parts and electronics

web cams connected to a pc laptop would display live feeds of the area in front of the net- multiple feeds shown on the same monitor, but some on others as well

using the program tincam to provide the multiple screens

a 2nd twin net would hang angling off from this first net- holding web cams and extra lights for visibility in the captured video footage




Final Project: -terminated-


I would like to make a sensor activated freestanding vertical (mini) flamethrower.


The device would shoot out bursts of flame when sensors picked up movement with in a certain radius (though this may have to be manually controlled). Around this machine I would like to build a steel creature like form, the mouth of this creature housing the active end of the flamethrower, allowing it to spurt flames threw this opening. The body of the creature would encircle the bulk of equipment used for the flames function.

This piece would obviously be displayed out doors in an open area (ex/ now overhanging tree branches, space to move around the piece). I would anchor the piece to the ground to ensure its staying one specific location and pose. Some sort of perimeter would be set up around it for safety precautions. The piece would be a stationary sculpture from afar; movement in the objects near vicinity would trigger the sensors controlling the bursts of flame.

The challenge so fare is building this working flamethrower with the ability to stand on its own. This would be the number one priority, the body frame coming second, and after a general form/size of the device is clear. In this way I hope to avoid any issue concerning the sculptural form, allowing its shape to compliment the core device.


Materials: steel-piping rod and sheet, propane, miscellaneous hardware store materials, sensor?


My intention is to create a working flamethrower emphasizing the association of power with fire.

I hope to engage the viewer with the use of fire the sense of power associated with fire and mans ability to produce, use and control this powerful element. Not knowing the function of the piece the surprise in its action when more closely approached, needing the viewers presence for the piece to operate (if activated using a motion sensor).


I am interested in engaging viewers through movement and action in a piece, I also want to work toward creating piece that live outside the gallery. I am interested in using fire in future pieces. I would like to gain an understanding of mechanics controlling its use.





this is a rough sketch of my project idea, the main goal would be to to have a standing form that shot burst of flames into the air, though this sketch shows the addition of steel to create a more specific form, these additions would be altered depending on the core form of the mechanics- not as sculpturaly advanced perhaps (ex// no wings or tail)

some inspiring or thought related pieces/findings :


















Oh damn, i wish i had found this to show for our artist presentations (due to inspiration toward project)










artist group: Loop.pH









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