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katy chmura

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For my Final project I am going to put on a burlesque performance with music. I decided to make a stage set for this using max patch. There will be two, 6 ft cylinders with mylar wrapped around them for the purpose of a mirrored reflection. There will be a video camera faced towards me doing a live viewing. This video camera will be connected to a Max Patch, using Jit.Rota that distorts the live viewing of what is in the frame. This distortion will be projected onto the floor from a projector above me...the distortions will be reflected in the mylar.The distortions will change, they will go close up, they will go upside down and spin around. Using Max patch,When the music gets to a certain climax, you will see images of hearts and confetti included in the live viewing with me.


































Projections into Glass Jars..COOL!

Gabriel Barcia 


Garden is a video sculpture in which fifty video-projected people are presented in glass bottles.  These tiny human specimens, representing a range of typologies are “trapped” inside glass volumes of varying shapes, much like insects are captured in jars. The projection through two panes of glass transforms a traditional two-dimensional video into three-dimensional holographic images. The installation is a commentary both on the life-cycle of human beings and personal space. The glass enclosures act as much as a defensive shield as they do a self-imposed form of entrapment. The installation also plays upon the exigency in our culture to chronicle, preserve and wax nostalgic, an idea which represented by “collecting” human beings (alongside cultural archetypes) as scientific specimens.



William Kentridge. A cylindrical mirror spinning as a circular animation is projected onto a table







This is the Artist Matej Kren. I saw this large scale work in Bologna, Italy. It is a cylindrical house made of books. You walk into the middle of the house and down..itthat you are staring down an Alice in Wonderland Rabbit hole. In actuality, The floor is made up mirrors that are reflecting the books. Simple idea but extremely amazing










Cool Stuff




Articulated Cloud By Ned Kahn




Liz Phillips

Not streaming; higher resolution. 11MB"Echo" is a poetic 3-D video projection that takes us into the kitchens of local ethnic restaurants. Two projectors converge on a spherical screen, creating warped double-exposures on the semi-translucent surface. Slow motion shots of dough being spun into sheets overlap with images of people laughing around a table, arranging breadbaskets, smoking pipes. The effect is mesmerizing, and the multicultural music playing enhances the dreamlike quality of the images...



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sprice@... said

at 11:49 pm on Sep 29, 2010

there is a smaller wall, possibly by the same artist, near the Russian River brewpub in Santa Rosa if you want to see one in person

north said

at 8:32 pm on Oct 20, 2010

Moebius Transformations Revealed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JX3VmDgiFnY

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